About the Task Team

The Asia Pacific Interagency Task Team (IATT) on Gender Equality and HIV: advancing the health and human rights of key affected women and girls was established in 2011.

Co-chaired by the UN and civil society, the IATT supports countries and communities across Asia and the Pacific in implementing and tracking progress on global goals and targets linked to HIV, gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Meeting quarterly, the IATT undertakes joint research, policy analysis, advocacy and collective action to ensure that the needs and rights of women and girls most at risk of, and most affected by, HIV in Asia and the Pacific are addressed at the national, regional and global level.

“In Asia and the Pacific, a United Nations inter-agency task team on women and girls supported the “Unzip the Lips” platform, contributing to a more effective and systematic engagement on the part of key affected women and girls in policy advocacy at the regional level.” Report of the UN Secretary-General, Commission on the Status of Women, 58th session, 2014

Members of the IATT speaking out on the needs and rights of key affected women and girls in Lao PDR. September 2012. © RD Marte/2012

Current members of the IATT include the following organizations:

Coalition of Asia Pacific Regional Networks on HIV/AIDS Asia Pacific Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights APNSW ARROW International HIV/AIDS Alliance UN Women UNAIDS UNDO United Nations ESCAP UNESCO UNFPA Unicef  Youth LEAD