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What is the Data Hub Satellite

Data Hub satellite initiative is the partnership between the Data Hub and the national partners in Asia and the Pacific to strengthen strategic information generation and use of national, sub-national and key population specific granular data on prevention and treatment for evidence-informed programming and responses in countries in Asia and the Pacific.


With ambitious targets to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030, it is essential that no one is left behind. In order for key populations not to be left behind in the AIDS response and taking AIDS out of isolation, it is time to shift gears and do things differently to Fast-Track the responses by targeting populations and locations most affected by the epidemic. Granular data, strategic intelligence, and integrated analyses are fundamental and critical accelerators for Fast-Tracking the responses. In light of this urgent need for data-driven responses, the UNAIDS Regional Support Team and the Data Hub stands ready to join hands with national, technical and community partners in this historic opportunity to end AIDS through data revolution.

Data Ownership

Data is owned and generated by countries and the Data Hub provides technical support and the platform for data dissemination and visualization.

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