HIV/AIDS Behaviour Survey among the General Population in Bhutan 2006: Technical Report

Publications - Released in 2008

Bhutan is recognised as being a low prevalence nation for HIV. Although information on HIV/AIDS in Bhutan is limited there is data available from passive case reporting, a few studies and sentinel sero-surveillance conducted through government health care services. All data confirm that HIV prevalence is still low and the estimated numbers of HIV positive people are approximately 100. Information from the passively reported cases suggest that heterosexual contact is a leading cause of HIV transmission.

This report presents the findings and conclusions from the general population behaviour survey that was conducted between March and June 2006 among 3235 males and females between 15-49 years from urban and rural Bhutan.


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  • International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research (ICDDR) - Bangladesh
  • Ministry of Health - Bhutan