Women Speak Out: Understanding Women who Inject Drugs in Indonesia

Publications - Released in 2016

Indonesia is home to about 74,000 people who inject drugs, of whom 11% are women. Compared with men who inject drugs, women who inject drugs experience an elevated risk of HIV and other blood borne virus transmission, disproportionately high rates of violence from both intimate and non-intimate partners, and social exclusion. Despite their specific needs and greater marginalisation, this group has been largely neglected in Indonesia’s national HIV strategy.

The study explored sexual and injecting behaviours, health indicators, gender-based violence, contact with law enforcement, and uptake of health and support services among women who inject drugs. The broad objective of the study was to better understand the experiences of women who inject drugs and to inform evidence-based responses that can mitigate the impacts of drug use and HIV and AIDS on this vulnerable population in Indonesia.