Viet Nam AIDS Response Progress Report 2014

Publications - Released in 2014

A second round of estimates and projections was conducted in 2007 to estimate future burden and impacts of HIV/AIDS in order to inform national programs anticipating prevention and care needs in Viet Nam. Similar to the 2003 estimates and projections process, seroprevalence data, population size estimates, and pertinent data from ad hoc studies were entered into the Estimation and Projection Package (EPP) Version 3.0 R9 to generate low, medium, and high scenarios of the HIV epidemic. The epidemic curves generated by EPP were then combined with antiretroviral therapy (ART) and prevention of mother to child (PMTCT) data into a second modeling program, SPECTRUM Version 3.14, for further estimates of prevalence, treatment needs, and AIDS related mortality, among other important data presented in this report. National and region-specific outcomes were generated for the 1990-2012 period in Viet Nam and apply to both the general and high risk populations nationwide.