Vanuatu Integrated Bio‐Behavioural Survey and Population Size Estimation with Men Who Have Sex With Men and Transgender People

Publications - Released in 2011

The overall aim of the research was to fill gaps in information on HIV and STI prevalence and risk behaviours among MSM and TG in Vanuatu through Integrated Bio‐Behavioural Surveillance (IBBS) and support interventions in Vanuatu. The study was collaboration between the Burnet Institute, Wan Smolbag Theatre and the Vanuatu Ministry of Health. Three research objectives were identified:

1. To estimate the prevalence of chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV among MSM and TG;
2. To describe knowledge, attitudes and risk behaviours among MSM and TG in Port Vila; and
3. To estimate population size of MSM and TG in Port Vila.