Unzipping the Universal Periodic Review for Key Affected Women and Girls in the HIV Epidemic in Asia and the Pacific

Fact Sheets - Released in 2015

In the Asia and the Pacific region, where the major of countries are experiencing concentrated HIV epidemics, HIV response has focused on specific groups most at-risk of HIV infection, including men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers, people who use drugs and transgender people. However, the issues and needs of key affected women and girls are most often overlooked. While there has been been a scale-up of interventions focused on HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, the broader structural issues and ramifications the totem from gender inequality have not been adequately addressed. 

Highlighting the vulnerabilities, needs, and rights of key affected women and girls within national HIV responses is not an easy task. Government in the region have committed to comprehensively focus on the populations identified as most at-risk. However, the specific needs of women and girls largely remain neglected in policy and program discussion. Gender inequality and all forms of gender-based violence can increase vulnerability to HIV and can also result in higher rates of HIV among women and girls. 


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