Thailand National Operational Plan Accelerating Ending AIDS 2015-2019

Publications - Released in 2014

This document represents Thailand’s comprehensive Operational Plan to Accelerate Ending AIDS by 2030, and is focused on the period 2015 to 2019. The actions and interventions outlined here translate the key concepts presented in the current National AIDS Strategy (2014-2016) into an actionable Plan for Ending AIDS in Thailand. This Operational Plan does not replace the strategy document, but rather adds value, by translating new scientific evidence that became available in 2012-2013 into programmatic action. With the aim of fully utilizing this new evidence, the Operational Plan consolidates and refocuses key interventions among key populations (KPs) in high priority geographical sites, with the specific purpose of addressing gaps between the current response and a targeted, optimized response needed to achieve Thailand’s goal of ending AIDS by 2030.



  • Ministry of Public Health - Thailand