Scorecard on Gender Equality in National HIV Responses

Publications - Released in 2011

A country scorecard has been jointly developed by UNAIDS and partners, to document the status of country implementation and presented to the 28th meeting of the UNAIDS Programming Coordinating Board. The scorecard includes a total of 14 strategic markers, which serve as proxies for the strategic areas included in the Agenda for Women and Girls. A traffic light approach was used, with the following colour code: i) red: not available; ii) orange: available on a project-basis; iii) green: present at national level. A detailed description of the indicators can be found in Annex 3. In addition, data has been collected on the country-level partners (Government, civil society, other development partners and United Nations), to foster mutual accountability. The presented data has been collected through the UN Joint teams, in close collaboration with national partners.

This report provided a visual of the status of country-level undertakings to date, the partners engaged in the implementation of the UNAIDS Agenda for Women and Girls, as well as the areas in need of additional support.



  • Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)