A Report on Migrant Children & Child Labourers and Seafood Processing in Thailand's Fishing Industry

Publications - Released in 2015

Thailand’s fishery and seafood processed products yield a great deal of revenue in international markets and become widespread in several regions around the world. These trends affect the business management and production of Thai seafood processing industry as well as fishery business which lead to the employment of a large number of migrant workers from neighbouring countries such as Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. However, smong the large scale consumption of seafood and processed seafood, buyers and consumers in many countries push forward the fairness in trade, social responsibility, labour rights protection and legal labour. In 2010 US put a spotlight on Thailand in terms of child labour of shrimp and seafood processing industry. Samut Sakhon becomes the target area which is on the alert for child labour since the province is the migrant labourer reservoir and one of the most significant manufacturing area of fishery and seafood processing industry of Thailand. Migrant labourers immigrate into Thailand and become the main workforce in Samut Sakhon generation after generation in the manner of cycle - like process.


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