Myanmar National Health Plan 2017-2021

Publications - Released in 2016

The formulation of the National Health Plan 2017-2021 presents a unique opportunity to outline a new path for the health system that will help the country move towards Universal Health Coverage in an equitable, effective and efficient manner.

This Plan differs from previous National Health Plans in both its formulation process and scope. In the formulation process, a wide range of stakeholders, like-minded organizations and development partners were actively involved. Features of the Plan that are noteworthy include: its focus on ensuring access to essential health services for the entire population; its emphasis on primary health care delivered at township level and below; its consideration for involvement of healthcare providers outside Ministry of Health and Sports; its switch from top-down planning to a more inclusive bottom-up approach; and its recognition of the importance of health systems strengthening from all perspectives.



  • Ministry of Health and Sports - Myanmar