A Joint Assessment of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in China

Publications - Released in 2004

Generally, national HIV prevalence in China remains low, but clusters of high prevalence exist, both geographically and among specific sub-groups. By the end of 2003, the cumulative number of HIV cases was estimated 840,000, corresponding to a total prevalence rate of 0.07%. By the end of September 2004, the cumulative number of reported HIV positive cases was 89,067, with significant increases in reported infections since 2002.

On December 1, 2003, the China Ministry of Health and the UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS jointly issued an Assessment of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Care in China. Given the rapid changes that have occurred since that date, it was decided that an update of the Joint Assessment Report would be prepared by representatives of the State Council AIDS Working Committee Office and the UN system, covering the period to December 1, 2004.



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