Issue Brief: HIV/SRHR Integration for Sex Workers

Publications - Released in 2012

Sex workers have the same sexual and reproductive rights as anyone else – such as to choose who to have sex with and to have sexual relations free from violence. They also share many of the same needs for SRHR information, support, commodities and services – such as advice about family planning.

This brief specifically focuses on the importance, but also challenges, of HIV/SRHR integration for sex workers. It is based on the experiences of a growing number of groups working with such communities to put integration into practice in a range of setting. These have given important insights into ‘what works’. But they also highlight that everyone is still learning and questions remain about what constitutes good practice.

This issue brief promotes integration as a desirable goal in the long-term. However, it also emphasizes that organizations must work in a way and at pace that is appropriate and feasible for them – to ensure that the joining of HIV and SRHR services and systems enhances, rather than compromises, support for sex workers.



  • International HIV/AIDS Alliance