Hit and Run: The Impact of Anti Trafficking Policy and Practice on Sex Worker's Human Rights in Thailand

Publications - Released in 2012

Empower is a Thai sex worker organization started by Ms. Chantawipa Apisuk, a group of sex workers and activists in Patpong, Bangkok’s in 1984. In 2010 Empower decided to undertake a nation-wide community research project to identify and document the impact of the current Thai anti-trafficking law, policy and practice, on sex workers in Thailand, and to develop relevant and achievable solutions. There were 206 Thai and migrant sex workers had become part of the RATS-W project; leading the research consultations, interviewing, giving expert testimony, investigating and undertaking the analysis and preliminary documentation. The 206 sex workers who worked on the project can be divided into 170 research partners; 36 research leaders coordinated by a research working team of four. They are all referred to herein as research leaders, research partners or sex workers interchangeably.