A Factsheet on Implementing the 2013 Asia and Pacific Ministerial Declaration on Population and Development

Fact Sheets - Released in 2014

In September 2013, the governments in Asia Pacific adopted the 'Asian and Pacific Ministerial Declaration on Population and Development', a progressive and visionary agenda to advance people’s rights and well-being through inclusive and equitable development in the region over the next decade and which gained unprecedented support and endorsements from member states. It is critical that the policy directions and priority actions set forward are realized. The document is also valuable as a basis for discussions over Post-2015, the Beijing +20 review, and in other global, regional and national level and multi-stakeholder dialogues.

The Asia Pacific Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (APA), in collaboration with partners, produced six factsheets on the main outcomes of the 6APPC on different topics: Women and Girls, Adolescents and Young People, Migrants, SOGI, Aging, and Modalities of Implementation. They can be used to continue the momentum at the local, national, and regional level, in addition to strengthen progressive commitments at the international level.


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