Evaluation of the National HIV Prevention Program for Key Affected Populations, Migrant Workers and Prisoners

Publications - Released in 2013

The Institute for Population and Social Research (IPSR) of Mahidol University was selected by the National Committee for the Advancement of AIDS Prevention and the National AIDS Management Center (NAMc) to implement the Evaluation of the National HIV Prevention Program among Key Affected Populations and Prisoners in Thailand during 2010-2013. The second phase of the evaluation spanned the period from October 2011-December 2012 and consisted of an in-depth study of program inputs, processes, and expected outcomes of the program. Among others, the key research questions for the evaluation include: whether interventions are being implemented as planned as an integrated, defined package of HIV prevention services and defined standards of quality; the extent of coverage of the delivery of the HIV prevention package to the target populations; and the results of the delivery of the package of prevention services in terms of the increase in the proportion of the population who know their own sero-status, the reduction of HIV risk behavior, the reduction of STIs, an increased access to ART and opportunistic infection treatment.