Discussion Paper: Gender and Tuberculosis

Publications - Released in 2015

Tuberculosis (TB) kills more women globally than any other single infectious disease, and more women die annually of TB than of all causes of maternal mortality combined. Women who are co-infected with TB and HIV are significantly more likely to die of TB than co-infected men. Globally, more men have TB than women.

This discussion paper on gender and TB is intended to support practitioners, civil society and government partners wishing to make the investment case for increased and improved TB programming that addresses the specific vulnerabilities and needs of both men and women who are living with or at risk of TB. The paper summarizes the existing evidence base, demonstrating the ways in which gender has an impact on the risks and effects of TB (including those that intersect with HIV), and highlighting existing gaps in data and implementation. This information is useful for UNDP in its role in supporting governments to implement and operationalize the development agenda by 2030, by turning commitments into action.


  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)